While our kitchen is the heart of Golestan, the Colab is the soul of our organization.

We’ve developed all our systems and materials in a sharable format so that we can work with educators all over the world. We promote a culture of giving by providing hands-on support and resources all pro-bono. The only requirement is that participants pay it forward by supporting other educators and communities.

We believe every child should have a Golestan experience. For this reason, we developed the Colab as a pro bono resource and consultancy for parents and educators across the globe. This has given us the opportunity to expand our reach exponentially into communities beyond our socioeconomic and geographic borders. From a basic consultation that shifts the perception of how children should be educated, to hands on partnerships that result in dramatic metamorphoses.

Golestan Colab Mission

Golestan Education is comprised of two identities, the School and the Colab within one non profit organization. The Golestan Colab empowers and supports educators, parents, and community leaders to create their ideal learning environment for children by offering pro-bono consultancy and resources in the following areas:

  1. The integration and application of hands-on and experiential learning practices and approaches
  2. Language immersion and cultural education
  3. Developing natural playscapes and  calm and beautiful learning environments

What Golestan Colab Offers

The Colab produces teaching materials modeled after its own  program curriculum. It researches best practices in bilingualism and child development and offers pro bono consulting to individuals and schools either wanting to enhance their current programs or develop experiential programs for children.

If you would like assistance starting a program in your own community, or if you already have an existing school and simply want to collaborate with us, please contact the Colab.

The Golestan Colab publishes a quarterly magazine to highlight projects and collaborators. Click here to read the latest issue.

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