School Food Service/Chef

Our kitchen is the heart of our school. At Golestan we nurture our children with love, kindness and also good food! We only serve whole foods; all meals and snacks are prepared in-house by our chef.

Job Description:  The perfect position for someone experienced who is passionate about food, wants to be in a warm and loving environment, and thrives on nurturing others.

The job: We are looking for someone kind and nurturing to prepare meals and snacks for our students and staff. This person would be sourcing food from local farms and distributors, and cooking meals for about 90-100 people Mon-Fri,. Meals include lunch (one protein, one grain, two vegetables) and a hearty snack (hummus, granola, bread, etc). This person would also prepare special treats for teachers, as well as food for monthly staff meetings, quarterly staff development days, and occasional guests and meetings.

This is a full time position with benefits, at 30-40 hrs/week.

Food philosophy and procurement: We serve balanced meals with fresh ingredients. Almost everything is made in-house (including bread and crackers). Our meat (pastured, grass fed) is delivered directly to the school from Marin Sun Farms. The chef is responsible for purchasing and sourcing all other ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal/local, some come from our garden (lettuce, herbs, cucumbers etc) and others from local vendors. The food is simple, organic, healthy, and wholesome. Nothing is processed and refined sugars are never used (unless special treats for adults!).

The perfect candidate: Most people love being in this positive and loving environment our kitchen is the heart of our school. While there is room for creative freedom to experiment, the food should be consistent with our basic principles. One thing our chefs have always enjoyed is the introduction of worldly flavors from countries and cultures that the children may be exploring through their classroom units.

The ideal candidate is an experienced and consistent cook with a sense of appropriate scale.  It’s important to maximize portions while minimizing food waste.  As a non-profit school there is a tight budget and resourcefulness is key.  Golestan is a very loving and nurturing family-like environment and this person would become an integral part of our family. For this reason, we’re looking for the following personal qualities:

  • Resourceful and creative
  • Even tempered, respectful, and kind
  • Warm, nurturing, and positive disposition
  • Collaborative and communicative
  • Able to go with the flow and receive feedback gracefully.

Children’s palates are sensitive and sometimes hard to predict. This person must be able to receive feedback with grace and implement changes accordingly. Most importantly, the number one job of this individual is to feed and nurture the children and staff of the school.

Benefits of working at Golestan:

Golestan isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life!  All staff enjoy the benefits of working in a kind, loving, and respectful environment, in addition to family style meals prepared by our chef (that’s you!). Golestan provides fully covered health insurance for full time staff, dental insurance, 403b retirement plan, and delicious treats in our beautiful staffroom.

Please email resume and cover letter to for immediate consideration.